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More than just HONEY.

Meil is the word for honey in the Romansh language of Switzerland. In the beautiful Engadine Valley, our bees fly from blossom to blossom collecting precious nectar from the unique alpine flora.

Engadine is situated at over 1,800 meters above sea level, so there are no fruit orchards and no use of pesticides. This makes our honey one hundred percent free from chemicals and thus even more precious.

What is in our MEIL?

Our incomparable Engadine Meil is of particularly high quality because it is made exclusively from nectar of the Upper Engadine alpine flora.

After each collection, we send our honey to the laboratory for pollen analysis. The analysis of the different types of pollen in the honey confirms its purity and origin.

Based on the pollen analysis, we prepare a corresponding brochure that shows which alpine blossoms our bees visited.


– Pure nature

Taste and enjoy the unique flavor of Engiadina Classic. Collected at 1,800 meters above sea level, carefully extracted from the honeycomb, and filled direct and pure into the jar without any additional processing. The trademark of this classic product is 100% natural honey.



– Creamy delight

The creamy consistency of this honey is achieved by careful and continuous stirring, without heating, which reduces the size of the sugar crystals and prevents them from crystalizing later. The combination of the creamy texture and absolute natural purity makes the tasting pleasure perfect.



Pure and natural honey as a thank you for your customers

Delight your customers with this delicious honey in a stylish jar – and make a lasting impression.

Meil is a high-quality, pure and natural alpine blossom honey from the Engadine Valley. An organic product of the finest quality.